Acupuntura Malaga

Acupuncture is the best known method of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the West, although it is not the only one.

In Acupuncture fine needles are inserted in specific points of the body in order to restore the energy order of the human being, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. The ultimate goal of Acupuncture is to balance the polarity Yin and Yang, the two opposite and complementary poles that sustain human and universal existence.
We can combine acupuncture with other techniques in the same treatment, for example stimulating the points with electroacupuncture, or using a hot needle, or perhaps using only Moxibustion or Tuina Massage, which are other methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Acupuncture needles are typically made of stainless steel, making them flexible and preventing them from rusting or breaking.

Acupuncture is perhaps the best known technique in the Western TCM. Acupuncture is more than 4000 years old, and its effects have been amply demonstrated. In fact, Acupuncture has been approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) for its excellent results in many pathologies.
Acupuncture has its origin in China and in other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea or Vietnam. At this time it is practiced almost all over the world and important studies have been done for example in France.
Acupuncture consists in the introduction of fine needles in very specific points of our body connected by a network of energetic channels, and related to the different organs, glands and body parts. The needles can have different measures of thickness and length depending on the case and can be bathed in gold, silver or copper, for some time silicone needles have been used to minimize discomfort. In Chinese hospitals, Korean-style surgical steel needles are commonly used. Likewise, for a long time, the needles are for single use and are discarded once the session has ended.

In certain traditional consultations, only acupuncture and moxibustion are used. But little by little new techniques are applied that are applied together. They are techniques that are being developed by different universities or hospitals, and that are demonstrating their effectiveness in different pathologies.
Acupuncture and TCM are based on the principle of balance of Yin and Yang, two opposing and complementary forces that support both human and universal life. Everything can be related to Yin and Yang, Heat and Cold, Excess and Void, internal and external, day and night, winter and summer, woman and man, etc. TCM and Acupuncture try to balance these poles, in the balance is the origin of health.




• Menstrual disorders: menstrual pain, metrorrhagia, amenorrhea, leukorrhea• Feminine or male sterility

• In pregnancy: Threat of abortion, Fetal malposition, Placental retention, Familial hereditary prevention

• Obesity, digestive problems, Bulimia, Anorexia, Diarrhea, Constipation, Irritable Colon

• Facelift with Acupuncture

• Cellulite

• Addictions, Smoking

• Nervous system diseases, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Pain: Lumbar, Cervical, Sacral, Shoulders, Knee, Arthritis, Headache, Migraine, Eye Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, etc…

• Immune system, frequent colds

• Asthma, allergies

• Tiredness, exhaustion

• Facial paralysis, Recovery of the sequels of Cerebral Vascular Accident

• Infantile Paralysis.

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