practica TAICHI Y QIKUNG en Torre del Mar

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy emotions and healthy spirit.


When we talk about Qikung or Taichi, we are talking about Traditional Chinese Medicine. We already know the benefits of sports in the West, but these exercises are also therapeutic. Those people who have traveled through Asia, and China in particular, have been able to observe that from very early hours the parks are filled with people of all ages who go to practice these exercises and many others, with the intention of staying healthy and improving certain imbalances.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine we know that these exercises move the circulation of energy and blood, which are often blocked by our lifestyle, or by our diet, or even by our emotions, or without going any further, by the amount of toxic substances that accompany us in daily life. All these causes block our system, and the next step is the manifestation of the pathology, both physical, mental or emotional.
These exercises, like Yoga, stimulate the circulation of energy and blood, eliminate blockages, tone the nervous system, eliminate toxins, strengthen muscles and tendons, strengthen bones, balance Yin and Yang, activity and passivity, balance emotions, tone the kidney energy so important in Chinese medicine. Therefore they rejuvenate, lengthen life, stimulate concentration and memory, protect against early dementia, improve the flexibility of our joints, muscles and tendons, and strengthen the bone, etc.
Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy emotions and healthy spirit.
Therefore, in Traditional Chinese Medicine we can not forget the importance of the practice of Tai Chi, Qikung or Yoga, also and above all as a preventive method and not only healing of many pathologies.
From ACU – MOX we will begin to present a series of courses and retreats aimed at teaching these very healthy methods, in order to improve their physical, mental and emotional health, and that anyone can benefit from these practices.

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